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Small business owner? Need to establish WWW presence? Already have web site and want to enhance it with interactive features? Looking for the ways to promote your site? Thinking about online sales? Faced challenge of ongoing site maintenance?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, chances are high you are just arrived at right place of ever growing World Wide Web. And we are very grateful to you for that first step towards establishing long lasting partnership with Eastwright Internet Service.

The Eastwright Internet Service, division of Eastwright Corp. was established to address specific needs of small business. As a matter of fact we know these needs and concerns ourselves: we do know what capital constrains are, we do know real cost of every dollar earned and we do know how all those small running costs adds up. We are also very well aware of importance of every single customer and sales lead. This is why we believe that Internet provides all of us with unparalleled opportunity for marketing and promotion of our goods and services, everything we are doing for a living. And this is why we are here and ready to help you to facilitate all the features of this new media.

What we can do for you? Well, to put it simple, we will save your valuable time. We will save your time spent to get familiar with all these high tech ISP, DNS, FTP, HTML, SSI, CSS, CGI, Perl things. We will save your time spent on maintenance. We can care of all aspects of your Internet presence - from establishing simple business site to online transaction processing technology. And, yes, we keep small business needs in mind - you will be surprised how low our fees are and how many services we offer free of charge.

How can we keep our prices so low? The answer is twofold:

First, we believe the Internet story is only beginning, the growth potential of this market is huge and this is why we are looking for the ways to build happy customer base rather than to try to get full price of our experience. In our vision value of long lasting partnership always outweighs immediate benefits.

Second, we outsource most of high cost tasks from offshore contractors. We believe that servicing small business Internet needs is an area, where benefits of offshore software development could be exploited with best results. Outsourcing complex software projects from offshore developers incur sizeable overhead due to high costs of formal specifications, project synchronization etc. While in case of relative simple technological requirements of typical small business web sites it is often possible to complete project for the cost of developer's compensation.

How could we start? It is simple - we do not maintain questionnaire forms to fill "to help us to serve you better" for we know your request is unique and we do save your time - just drop us a message and we will start to work for you...

Let us serve your Internet needs.

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