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Accounts OnlineTM

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"it is great to see such good software, hand in hand with great support

I have no hesitation in recommending this software to anyone who needs ecommerce on their website, it is easy to use, quick to setup, and best of all, it's cost effective."

A.Scott Pringle

The complete e-commerce solution to bring your business online. Accounts Online software features customer database management, flexible billing schedules, online credit cards and e-checks processing, shopping cart and open ended architecture for desktop and mobile web sites, which simplifies ecommerce web design and offers seamless integration with existing and future software.
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Setup and Maintenance Billing
Customer Access Customer Management
Credit Cards Processing Orders Fulfillment
Software Integration Requirements & Price

Setup and Maintenance
* Easy installation with all variables configured via http browser
* Integrated Diagnostics & Service module
* Single user mode for easy backup and maintenance
* Customizable colors and page header
* Support for local currency symbol and date format
* Employee access rights management (Supervisor, Bookkeeper, Operator)
* Employee transactions logging - every invoice ot receipt recorded, every customer account modification has its "author"
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* Flexible billing schemes (Normal, Prorated, Trials)
* Flexible payment terms (days due on per product basis)
* Automated rebills
* Automated invoice notification via email
* Automated reminders on balances overdue
* Support for VAT and Sales Tax
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Customer Management
* Filter command to look for customers matching certain criteria set
* Mass mail
* Per account notes and custom fields to store application specific data
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Customer Access
* Customer access to statements and invoices
* Lost password finder for customer accounts
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Credit Cards Processing
* iBill credit cards payment gateway (pin codes) - sold separately
* Authorize.net credit cards payment gateway - sold separately
* WorldPay credit cards payment gateway - sold separately
* LinkPoint credit cards payment gateway - sold separately
* ClickBank credit cards payment gateway - sold separately
* PayPal credit cards payment gateway - sold separately
* iTransact credit cards payment gateway - sold separately
* eSec credit cards payment gateway - sold separately
* Optional AutoCharge module to proccess repeat (subscription) charges - sold separately
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Orders Fulfillment & Subscriptions Management
* Multiple (per product) .htaccess protected directories
* Automated protected directory access granted/revoked based on account overdue status
* Custom (per product) receipt relay scripts
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Software Integration
* API for integration with 3rd party software
* Plugins for integration with 3rd party software
* Custom subscription forms with custom scripts
* Custom (per product) receipt relay scripts
* Auto Accounts mode - allows to put Accounts Online into background serving as a middleman for your custom order forms and scripts
* Optional Shopping Cart module - sold separately
* Free sample applications for WEB Hosting and Virtual Storefront
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* Apache web server (UNIX or Windows NT/2000), IIS (Windows NT/2000)
Please review Running on NT notes
* Perl 5.003

* $99.95
* Includes one year of free upgrades and e-mail support
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