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Thanks to services provided by companies like Google and Overture today it is overwhelmingly simple to launch worldwide advertising campaign.

In a matter of hours your ads may be shown to "85% of Internet users" searching "150 million times a day". In a matter of weeks you will learn how to find proper search terms and how to compose most compelling advertisement text. Pretty soon you will double your site traffic using some kind of "Pay-Per-Performance" service. And in a month or so, after paying all the bills you will finally ask yourself, was it really "pay-per-performance" deal or just "pay-per-traffic" arrangement? Unfortunately there is no way to learn this neither from stats provided by most pay-per-click services nor from your web server access log files. Neither one answers the most important question -

"Where my buyers came from?"

Are you sure the advertising service you are spending sizeable percentage of your gross sales to brings you enough orders to pay for itself? Are you ready to discover which services and which advertisements are top performers and which do not work at all? Do you want to know the truth?

In the past we had to see a lot of our money siphoned through numerous traffic generating services just to discover the simple fact: Not all our prospective customers think the way we did when composing advertisement texts. Not all our prospective buyers are visiting the places we position our ads on. Not all our buyers use the search terms we expect them do. And in some cases "not all" was equal or close to "none".

To learn this lesson we had to develop sophisticated tracking system, which allows us to identify bogus leads sources (remember numerous "get paid just for reading ads" sites?), spot fraudulent credit card transactions and easily calculate Lead-to-Hit, Sale-to-Lead and Sale-to-Hit ratios for any traffic source. An analysis of the data collected have helped us to reduce advertising costs several times while increasing sales volume. And finally we are proud to present retail version of our tracking and analyzing software, the

Campaign Analyzer.

The package includes all major features of our proprietary system, except of fraud control module. Try the software and pretty soon you may learn the unexpected about the "pay-per-performance" and even about "pay-per-lead" services' real performance.

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