Interactive Bookmarks

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Using this CGI Perl script you can easily enhance your site and attract more visitors providing them with Interactive Bookmarks service. Users can store, annotate and arrange their bookmarks using multiple categorized folders. The script allows you to serve highly targeted banners based on currently selected folder's category.

* Edit, Add, Delete Folder commands
* Edit, Add, Delete Link commands
* Link annotation (up to 200 characters)
* Launchpad mode: all links open in new window
* Banners selection based on current folder's category
* Easy bookmarks sharing and publishing via standalone viewer

Also included:
* Banners management admin interface (add, delete, edit categories and banners)
* Standalone banner script for serving categorized banners for the rest of your site
* Simple users registration script (please note, that demo uses full featured separately sold user registration software - RegisterMe!)

* UNIX WEB Server
* Perl 5
* Support for .htaccess based user authentication

* US$19.95
* Includes free upgrades and e-mail support

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