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We accept VISA and MasterCard

Optional module for Accounts Online. The module handles responses from supported credit card processing gateways and can be used to implement unattended order fulfillment. Please note, that eCommerce Gateway module does not initiate credit cards transactions itself. It can be used to complete transactions initiated by order forms located on your site, Shopping Cart transactions and PayNow form available from MyAccount view. In order to implement unattended recurrent credit card charges please use AutoCharge module.

Please refer to ACME Order free sample application for more info regarding integration of order forms, Accounts Online engine, eCommerce Gateway module and receipt scripts.


* iBill credit cards payment gateway (pin codes)
* Authorize.net credit cards payment gateway (WebLink and ADC Relay Response)
* WorldPay credit cards payment gateway
* eSec credit cards payment gateway
* LinkPoint credit cards payment gateway
* ClickBank credit cards payment gateway
* PayPal credit cards payment gateway
* iTransact credit cards payment gateway


1. Since iBill Complete and ClickBank interfaces do not allow to initiate transactions of arbitrary amount, that is merchant must setup predefined products and use that product's id (subaccount number for iBill, link number for ClickBank) when submitting payment form, it is impossible to use these gateways with Shopping Cart.


* UNIX or Windows NT/2000 WEB Server
* Perl 5.003
* Accounts Online 2.70+


* $99.95
* Includes one year of free upgrades and e-mail support

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