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FAQ Builder is add-on module for HelpDesk Online. The module maintains customer support knowledge database. The database consists of unlimited number of categorized topics. Each topic has a title along with question and answer html text fields. Each topic can be either public (visible to customers) or private. Categories organized as a tree of unlimited depth.

Knowledge database can be accessed from within HelpDesk Online application to allow operators browse topics and copy answers into reply field with single mouse click. Every time operator submits an answer to customer service request he/she provided with an option to suggest new topic to be included into database.

Customers can have access to the database via standalone script. Only topics, which explicitly marked as public, are shown to site visitors.



  • Unlimited directory style categories
  • Embedded database manager
  • Each topic has Title, Question and Answer fields
  • Public and private topics
  • FAQ via email feature

Customization features
  • All customer forms are html templates driven
  • Question and answer fields can include any html tags

  • UNIX (Apache web server) or Windows NT/2000 (Apache or IIS web server).
  • HelpDesk Online 2.07+
  • Perl 5.003

  • $24.95
  • Includes one year of free upgrades and e-mail support

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