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Do you know how many hits your site gets daily? The chances are great the answer is Yes. But do you know why people keep visiting your site? Yes, right, you never know... But you can guess why if you know how they arrived to your site. If you have not yet any logging device in place, it's time to get one. The Daily Log. This is lightweight Perl script, which collects minimum information about your visitors and automatically sends daily data to your email box for review.

Each daily log email shows every hit as separate line with time, ip and domain addresses of visitor and URL from which he or she arrived to your site. Using this URL you can learn a lot about how people get to your front page. You can discover that somebody writes about your site on some discussion board and probably you can participate in this discussion to promote your services. You can discover that your site mentioned in some article and you can ensure the information is correct and may be use this publication for references. You can discover that ads you placed in some "high traffic area" do not produce that much hits as promised. You can discover...

For more advanced traffic analysis, ad tracking and marketting campaign efficiency stats we offer Campaign Analyzer package. Free Lite version is available for download right now!
* Easy installation, too easy to write read.me, see log.pl for instructions
* Does not consume disk space - daily log cleared after being emailed to you
* No need to go to WWW - the report delivered right into your mailbox

* UNIX WEB Server
* Perl 5

* Free
* Includes free upgrades and free e-mail support

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