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In order to use Admin Panel and Accounts Manager you must be a registered user. That is system administrator or supervisor must issue your login/password and assign access rights to you. Accounts Online support 4 user categories:

Administrator - system administrator. This is unique user with maximum privileges. Login name and password for this user are generated upon the very first execution of Admin Panel. There is no way to delete or create new user with administrator access rights later. Usually this is your site administrator. It is not recommended to log into Online Accounts using the administrator account unless you need to change some script installation parameters or to create and account for the very first Supervisor.

Supervisor. This user can do everything except altering software installation parameters. Usually this is a person who defines business procedures and policies, rather that performs day-to-day bookkeeping and routine customer transactions. Supervisor has 2 primary tasks:

1) Management of employees access to Accounts Online (i.e. issuing login/password and assigning access rights to employees).

2) Development and maintenance of business procedures (i.e. creating/modifying/deleting products)

Bookkeeper. This user performs day-to-day bookkeeping and routine customer transactions. Bookkeeper can establish/edit/delete customer accounts, post invoices and record receipts.

Operator. This user has read only access to customer database. Usually this is a person who performs customer support, sales or marketing tasks.

NOTE: The Accounts Online package keeps track of all user actions. This allows you to know who recorded any given invoice or receipt. This is why every employee should be assigned his/her own login/password. The Accounts Online enforces this by not allowing simultaneous access for 2 or more users with the same login name.

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