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Note: Demo installation is accessible by all visitors. We could not guarantee that the products/users/customers/subscriptions you configure while evaluating our product will not be altered or deleted by other users. All visitors could observe content of customer records you create with demo application. Eastwright Corp does not assume any responsibility for any abuse, which could arise from disclosure of your personal data you have provided to create demo records. Please use fictitious info instead of real names, addresses etc. Please do not enter sensitive information like Social Security Numbers, credit card data. If you need to test email based features, we would suggest to remove this info (or complete customer record) as soon as you finished testing.

Quick Tour

Accounts Online package provides 2 interfaces - an operator interface, which is being used by company employees and customer interface, which allows a customer to access his/her personal account details.

The Account Manager script implements the operator interface, and may be used to browse customer accounts, edit contact and billing information, post invoices and receipts. Account Manager also provides system administration features, like User Manager, Product Manager, Country Editor etc.

The Account Manager requires valid user login and password to enter. Please note that the script does not allow simultaneous work for several users sharing the same login. We suggest you to create new user for yourself as soon as possible and re-login to the system. If you will try to work using the login info provided below you will be logged out eventually by the next visitor, which enters Account Manager with the same login.

In order to create new user select Admin menu upon entering system, then click on User Management button. Do not forget to assign Supervisor rights to the user you create, which will ensure highest level of permissions.

Account Manager
login = demo
password = demo123

Customer interface allows a customer to review or print his/her account statement, update contact and billing info. The MyAccount script requires valid customer login and password to enter. No login/password pair is provided for the link below, you need either to create new customer account either using Account Manager or apply for a new account on behalf of a customer (Open account button below login form).

(customer side interface)

Sample custom registration form with user defined fields. Upon successful registration an invoice posted to the new customer account and user defined script is called with simulated GET. For more info regarding custom forms and scripts please refer to Custom Order Forms section of User Manual.

Custom Order Form

Accounts Online package provides a number of interfaces (API, system wide plugins, onreceipt scripts), which allow both easy integration with existing software and development of custom e-commerce applications. To simplify custom applications development we provide several generic applications. The applications may be downloaded free of charge.

ACME Hosting
(internet hosting company)

ACME Store
(virtual storefront)

ACME Order
(single item order form)

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