Accounts OnlineTM - what it is and what it does.

Accounts Online is a computer software written in Perl.

Accounts Online can be installed on any Apache (UNIX and Windows NT/2000) or IIS (Windows NT/2000) web server.

Accounts Online can automate credit cards and e-check transactions. That is your website will be able to prepare order forms for supported gateways, accept response from these gateways and perform required actions depending on outcome of payment transactions.

Accounts Online can automate order fulfillment. Most transaction gateways support simple operation mode - upon successful transaction they send you a notification via email. After receiving this message you have to act quickly in order to provide your customer with product or service this person just paid for. Have you ever paid for something online and then were waiting for hours or even days in order to obtain things like access password or software registration code? Accounts Online package eliminates this problem. Your site will be able to perform delivery of any intangible goods instantly in unattended mode.

Accounts Online can automate billing. If you sell subscription alike services, that is you need to bill your customers periodically, our software will handle all aspects - it will issue invoice, will notify customer via email and will remind about balance overdue. It can even charge customer credit card for recurred invoice amount.

Accounts Online support Authorize.Net, iBill, LinkPoint, WorldPay, PayPal, ClickBank, eSec, iTransact.

Accounts Online is modular software. We believe you should not pay for the features you do not use. Here is complete list of modules:

Accounts Online - online billing and account management system

ECommerce Gateway - credit cards processing module

AutoCharge - recurrent credit card transaction handler

ShoppingCart - shopping cart module

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