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Accounts Online allows associating a directory with every product. This directory is automatically protected using .htaccess scheme and is accessible only by customers which paid for the product. Product directory could be used in a number of ways:

* Membership site area - Placeholder for information accessible only by members or paid subscribers
* Download area - Placeholder for downloadable files such as software, images, mp3 files, documents
* Service setup - Placeholder for setup scripts to activate services such as web hosting, email, remotely hosted CGI

Setting product directory is extremely simple and does not require knowledge of web server authentication mechanics. Here are the steps required:

1. Create an empty directory on your server you want to assign as product directory. You may use any existing directory as well, but please note, that the directory should not contain .htaccess and .htpasswd files, otherwise they could be overwritten by Accounts Online.

2. Create an order page (html or cgi-script). This step is optional, but highly recommended. The order page will be automatically loaded in the case of unauthorized access to product directory. This page should contain subscription instructions - online payment form, subscription form etc.

3. Run Product Manager and edit the product you want to associate directory with. Enter full file system path to the product directory (without trailing '/') into Product directory field. Enter product directory url (you can omit part of url) into Product directory URL field. Enter order page url (you can omit part of url as well) into Order page URL field. Do not forget to save updated product.

Accounts Online use the following considerations:

1. Product directories are not supported for receipt type products.

2. Access to directories assigned to one-time payment products is granted upon receipt of payment whish covers balance due and is never revoked. If immediately after posting of the invoice the customer account balance due remains non-positive, access will be granted immediately. Please set "setup due in" field to zero in order to prevent unpaid access to product directory.

3. Access to directories assigned to recurred payment products is granted upon every receipt of payment whish covers balance due and is revoked every time balance due gets positive.

Please note that for security reasons Accounts Online demo does not allow to change directory setup for products. For testing please use 2 predefined products with ids software and hosting.

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