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Version Log

2.79 released 11/18/02
Support for eCommerce Gateway rel.2.51

2.78 released 09/06/02
Improved subscription management
Fixed tax handling bug (no tax added on rebills if 'Add taxes to invoice amount' is off)
Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

2.77 released 05/31/02
Shipping & Handling module (requires Shopping Cart 2.45)
Do not forget to upload new files shipping.cgi ( and

2.76 released 03/13/02
Invoice Lookup utility (available via Admin menu)
New System Setup toggle to show owed amounts as positive numbers
Bug fixed: Account overdue reminders may contain incorrect url of accview.cgi script
Do not forget to upload new file lookup.cgi (

2.75 released 02/15/02
Maintenance release to support Windows 2K/NT Perl interpreters, which lack fork() system call

2.74 released 02/06/02
Workaround for sites, which do not allow 777 cgi-bin mode.
Longer than 10 characters account IDs (available for new installations only)
Non alphanumeric characters in account IDs (to support email address as account id)
Option to disable "Open account" button on Customer Login form
OnDelete plugin (custom script to be executed on account deletion)
2 custom fields for product definition
OnRebill custom script (product definition attribute)
Subscription management menu (Account Manager)
New AOL API functions listsubedit(), delsubedit(), subedit()
Note: new files added - and cmdchgsub.gif

2.73 released 11/30/01
Bug fixed: config variable "Enable credit card data" always ON

2.72 released 11/28/01
Credit card form moved to "Bill Info" menu (My Account view)
New config variable "Enable credit card data" - will suppress "Bill Info" menu (My Account view)
Immediate attempt to charge credit card on billing info change via My Account view (requires AutoCharge 2.58)
New API functions - balance(), balancedue(), updaccnt()

2.71 released 11/14/01
Support for MD5_Hash security feature (requires eCommerce Gateway 2.48)

2.70 released 11/08/01
Enhanced support for error codes (requires eCommerce Gateway 2.47)

2.69 released 11/02/01
Support for AUTH_CAPTURE and AUTH_ONLY modes for (requires eCommerce Gateway 2.46, AutoCharge 2.56)
Numerous performance improvements

2.68 released 10/22/01
Support for non-standard Authorize.Net gateway URLs (requires eCommerce Gateway 2.45)
Support for one-time subscriptions

2.67 released 10/10/01
Support for iTransact gateway

2.66 released 10/05/01
New API function: payform()
Bug fixed: Fax number marked as "Phone" in account statements

2.65 released 09/26/01
Custom account fileds increased from 2 to 10
Optional Billing Address fields

2.64 released 09/21/01
Bi-annual billing cycle added
Bug fixed: "Standard due in, days:" field left blank could result in failure to post invoices for products with undefined payment terms
Bug fixed: does not send copy of invoice to company billing address

2.63 released 09/17/01
Bug fixed: usage of colon symbol in invoice notes results in improper format of Subscriptions view
Bug fixed: failure to locate executables directory by Perl library FindBin module results in wrong path settings
Bug fixed: corrupt AutoCharge database
Extended diagnostic messages (log files)

2.62 released 09/11/01
View Print Version button in MyAccount (

2.61 released 09/07/01
Support for additional tags in custom order forms

2.60 released 09/05/01
Fixed roundup error bug in tax calculations

2.59 released 09/04/01
Embedded database integrity checks (highly recommended for installations with crontab based and for installations restored from backup)

2.58 released 08/29/01
Shopping cart items now have optional notes field
Please note, that 2.58 is incompatible with pre 2.43 of eCommerce Gateway and pre 2.41 Shopping Cart

2.57 released 08/23/01
From: field for mass mail form
*-n and *+n format for rebill day field (product definition)

2.56 released 08/20/01
Bug fixed: duplicate tax notes on rebills
Bug fixed: duplicate tax invoices when using Shopping Cart with "Add taxes to invoice amount" option activated

2.55 released 08/16/01
Optional dd/mm/yy date format
Category selector for invoice/receipt forms
No login form after new account registration
Optional mailing of zero amount invoices

2.54 released 08/13/01
New feature: Diagnostics & Service module

2.53 released 08/12/01
bug fixed: posting invoices in zero amount results in "AOL API not initialized" error with some perl versions

2.52 released 08/10/01 on NT/2000 now uses perl.exe instead of Perl for ISAPI to run

2.51 released 08/10/01
Taxes included into item price (optional)
Support for additional eCommerce Gateway variables
Support for AutoCharge script

2.50 released 08/07/01
Bug fixed: Massmail messages without From: field if sent via SMTP
No failures if NET::SMTP library module not installed

2.49 released 08/05/01
Bug fixed: Password Finder ignores SMTP
More Bells&Whistles: Customize text and links color
New API functions addtxn() and addaccnt

2.48 released 07/30/01
Long awaited Bells&Whistles: Customize colors and header text!
(do not forget to re-upload all *.gif files)

2.47 released 07/30/01
PayPal gateway support

2.46 released 07/30/01
ClickBank gateway support
Configurable accounts per page (

2.45 released 07/26/01
LinkPoint gateway support

2.44 released 07/24/01
Microsoft Windows NT/2000 support
Optional mail processing via SMTP server

2.43 released 07/17/01
Config variable Disable AuthPAM removed
Support for product info url introduced
Support for product image url introduced

2.42 released 07/11/01
Additional macros for mass mail messages
Product categories introduced

2.41 released 07/10/01
Fixed roundup error in

2.40 released 07/09/01
Support for VAT & Sales Tax
Additional macros for mass mail messages
Improved performance of templates processing

2.39 released 07/05/01
Configurable accepted credit cards field (System Setup)

2.38 released 07/02/01
Balance overdue remiders field (System Setup) now can be set to 0 (or left empty) to disable reminders
Mass Mail observes current filter settings

2.37 released 06/28/01 support for additional Shopping Cart options improved handling of custom form's confirmation url, prodid input for custom forms now optional

2.36 released 06/23/01
bug fixed: unable to leave ecgway test mode

2.35 released 06/23/01
Multicurrency support
Install Upgrade button in

2.34 released 06/21/01
API module (
Shopping Cart API module (
Version Check indicator for System Setup panel

2.33a released 06/19/01
bug fixed: product due in terms ignored by

2.33 released 06/13/01
bug fixed: credit card data fields if required by System Setup not shown on Open Account page upon credit cards gateway receipt

2.32 released 06/12/01
eSec credit cards gateway added

2.31 released 06/11/01
hide/view/edit modes for custom fileds in customer view

2.30 released 06/08/01
Single email per multipart (setup and rebill) invoices

2.29 released 06/07/01
Optional issue number field for switch/solo cards
Auto accounts feature

2.28 released 06/05/01
Added instructions for posting transaction amount to proper account after completing credit card/e-check online payment
Onreceipt script interface finalized
Custom fields for account records
Link to company home page

2.27 released 06/04/01
Minor bug fixed

2.26 released 05/31/01
WorldPay credit cards gateway added

2.25 released 05/29/01
Suppressed unlink of customer database file on failed chmod

2.24 released 05/28/01
Filtering on product id
Filtering on account notes

2.23 released 05/25/01
Supressed invoice notes on rebills bug fixed

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