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Help Desk Software Guide
Side by side comparison of three popular help desk software packages
Help Desk OnlineTM is a fully automated web based help desk. Written in Perl it can be easily installed on your website. As soon as you replace your support email link with Help Desk Online you will be in full control over your customer support operations:

  • no more overlooked service requests buried in overloaded mailbox
  • no more service requests assigned to several employees at once
  • no more service requests stuck forever while waiting for additional info from another department
  • no more (well, significantly less) disgruntled customers


Service request processing

  • Service request submission using template based forms
  • Service request submission using email
  • Unique ticket number assigned to every request
  • Linked tickets to facilitate multistep problem resolution process
  • Optional per user email notification on new requests
  • Support queue integrity module ensures that request can be assigned to only one user
  • Unlimited forwarding for escalation and additional info requests
  • Chat style comments to facilitate internal correspondence
  • Searchable case study database
  • Access to external databases to query customer details

Knowledge database (requires FAQ Builder module sold separately)
  • Automated FAQ publishing
  • Public and private FAQ topics
  • Unlimited directory style categories
  • Embedded FAQ manager

Customization features
  • All customer forms are html templates driven
  • Unlimited number of custom fields in service request template
  • Customizable colors for internal interface
  • Support for multilingual interface - all screen messages are kept in single file
  • Completely customizable text of email header and footer with support for macros
  • Chat style comments to facilitate internal correspondence
  • Completely customizable text of service request submission confirmation
  • Custom field for request info

User management
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited departments
Standard EditionSQL Edition
UNIX (Apache web server) or Windows NT/2000 (Apache or IIS web server)
Perl 5.003 or newer
 MySQL Database Server
* - Includes one year of free upgrades and e-mail support

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