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Configuring HelpDesk OnlineTM

HelpDesk Online software does not require any changes to be applied to source code. All system variables are being set via System Setup Panel. This is the first screen you will see when running HelpDesk for the first time. You can access System Setup Panel at any time via main menu (you must log in as administrator user).

System settings section
Host name - your web server domain name.
basedir - absolute path to HelpDesk data directory. This is a directory there HelpDesk will store all data files. It is recommended to keep the directory outside of your server document root.
Password file - absolute pathname to the file, where HelpDesk stores users (operators) info.
Language - language to use.
Sendmail path - path to sendmail (or equivalent) program on your server.
SMTP host - address of outgoing mail server. Must be valid SMTP server, which does not require user authentication. This setting ignored if valid sendmail path set.

Customer database options
This section allows to specify which databases to use in order to obtain customer information. Please refer to Accesing External Databases for more info.

Bells & Whistles
This section allows customizing of HelpDesk appearance.
Tickets per page - number of tickets per page.
Search results per page - number of tickets matching search criteria per page.
Submit request form template - name of template file to use when displaying request submission form.
Confirmation form template - name of template file to use when displaying submission confirmation page. If blank, HelpDesk will use template set as per Submit request form template field.
Ticket status form template - name of template file to use when displaying ticket status form.
User comments - user comments ordering.

Include original problem description with reply - if set, full text of service request message will be appended to reply message.
Customer ID required - if set, Customer ID field may not be empty.
Customer ID must be valid - if set, HelpDesk will check submitted customer id against databases configured. The request wont be accepted if no matching customer records found.
Default email header - text to be automatically generated by HelpDesk to be used as response text header. The following macros recognized:
*CNAME* - customer name, if provided via submission form, single word "customer" otherwise
*UNAME* - name of the operator, which replied to request
*DEPARTMENT* - name of replying operator's department
Default email footer - text to be automatically generated by HelpDesk to be used as response text footer. Use it to declare standard policies, follow-up instructions, promotions etc. Macros supported as per email header.
Response on ticket submission - text to be injected into confirmation form template. Supported macro:
*TICKETID* - an id assigned to service request just submitted.
Departments - list of your company departments, separate each name with semicolon.
HelpDesk email address - email address to be used as sender's address for all messages generated by HelpDesk.

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