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Version Log

2.15 released 10/24/02
Improved handling of service requests submitted via email

2.14 released 10/15/02
Bug fixed: email loop when using HDMail with operator email address pointing to autoresponder
MySQL support (requires license upgrade)

2.13 released 09/20/02
Technical update for compatibility with FAQ Builder rel.2.10

2.12 released 09/17/02
HDMail: Improved handling of MIME data
HelpDesk: ability to Delete (and Undelete) tickets
Minor bug fixes

2.11 released 06/11/02
Email based service request submission

2.10 released 02/11/02
Custom service request forms

2.09 released 02/06/02
Improved interface
Filtering on ticket submission date and age

2.08 released 11/23/01
Bug fixed: corrupt data on oversized customer id field

2.07 released 11/22/01
Support for FAQ Builder module

2.06 released 11/20/01
Option to store styles.css in images directory (System Setup)

2.05 released 10/29/01
Multimode left panel (List, Problem, Auto)

2.04 released 10/03/01
Style of operator interface now can be customized via external styles.css file
Tickets numbering base (available on initial setup only)

2.03 released 10/02/01
Completely rewritten operator interface
Custom field for additional service request info
Optional email confirmation on service request submission
New database format to improve performance (pre 2.03 databases imported automatically)
"Update Available" indicator (System Setup)

2.02 released 09/04/01
Improved linked tickets tracking
Additional template for ticket submission confirmation
Additional tickets filter (Open+Pending)

2.01 released 08/31/01
Optional "include original message with response" feature
Access to external databases for customer details
Support for linked tickets via ticket reference field

2.00 released 08/28/01
Initial commercial release

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