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Up and Running Guide

1 Place a link to service request submission form on your site. If running SQL release of HelpDesk Online you can obtain the code from setup menu (click on Links in the navigation bar on the top). Copy and paste this code to your html page(s) as appropriate. Do not forget to upload modified page(s) to your site.

2 Test the link. Clicking on it should produce service request submission form. You can change this page to match your site by editing Service Request Form. We suggest to do it later: after getting familiar with service process workflow you will get a better understanding as to what should be placed on this page.

3 Submit service request. Required fields are Email Address and Problem Description. Use your own email address to check what a submission confirmation issued to a customer will looks like. If you maintain some identification scheme to track customer accounts on your site, your customers can use Customer ID field in order to identify themselves. The Reference field may be used to refer to another request, thus facilitating handling of complex (multistep) cases.

4 Shortly after the request is submitted, you will receive 2 email messages - one on behalf of your customer (submission confirmation), another one addressed to an operator (submission notification).

5 Login to HelpDesk. After logging in, the left panel will operate in Auto mode and show the tickets you are working on and tickets forwarded to you by other operators. Thus, you will not see the request just submitted. In order to review new tickets, click icon.

6 To select a ticket, click on triangle knob on the left of the ticket id. The ticket will open in the right panel. Here you can read problem definition ( tab) and notes attached to the ticket by other operators ( tab). To begin working on the new request click on the [Take this ticket] button accessible via Problem tab. You will see "Ticket assigned to:" message. The left panel will enter into FAQ mode, thus allowing you to browse Knowledge Database and copy answers to similar questions with a single mouse click.

7 Click on tab to review automatically generated reply email header and footer and edit these if needed. Left panel will switch into problem view mode. Click on tab to compose an answer. While working on reply you can click another tabs, HelpDesk will automatically save the reply text.

8 After you completed an answer, click on [Preview] button. You will see the complete reply text in the right panel, while the left panel will switch into problem view mode to allow you to see both the question and the answer within single browser window. If everything is ok, click on [Submit reply] button. You will see "Case closed" message and will soon receive an email on behalf of your customer with the complete answer.

9 Click on [Suggest to FAQ] button. This will submit current ticket to your Frequently Asked Questions list. You will see "New FAQ topic pending approval" message. Please note that FAQ is being maintained by HelpDesk admin user only. Although all operators are allowed to submit topics to FAQ, in order for new entry to appear in the list it must be approved and placed to a proper category by admin.

10 Make sure you are logged as admin user (the menu bar must contain and icons). Click on icon to enter Knowledge Database management menu. The database requires hierarchical categorized structure. In order to add FAQ entries you must define at least one category. Enter category name (e.g. "Miscellaneous") into Description field, select parent category and click [Add category] button.

11 Click [Pending Topics] button to see list of suggested additions to the FAQ. The list of suggested entries will appear. Click on [Details] button in Action column. Edit Question and Answer fields if required. Enter short description into Topic field - this text will be used as a title for the FAQ entry. Select a category for the entry. Check on Public box if you want the topic to be visible to your site visitors. Click [Add to FAQ] button to add new topic. Do not forget to add FAQ links to your site.

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