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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Help Desk Online require database like MySQL?

No, Help Desk Online does not require any 3rd party software except of standard Perl libraries.

2. The HelpDesk Online automatically closes a ticket when the first response is sent and there is no way to change status of closed ticket. Is this correct?

Yes, this is correct behavior.

Quite often problem resolution requires multiple steps, thus more than single reply & answer transaction. But regardless of that fact customer interaction procedure got to be straight as much as possible. And that means it must be formalized. Request-and-Reply is quite simple and yet powerful model, because it excludes misunderstanding as to who is waiting response from whom. This is why it is generally considered as being industry standard.

In order to help to track tickets in problem oriented fashion you can filter tickets on customer id. HelpDesk Online also supports ticket references (i.e. customer can include the original ticket id into request, while operator can review all problem trail shown as a chain of tickets).

We are also assessing different paradigms to implement problem oriented processing of service requests.

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