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  Standard Edition SQL Edition
(max number of tickets)
5,000 unlimited2
Additional Software not required MySQL Server
Integrated Templates Manager none included
3rd party software none available3
Upgrade Price4 $49.95 N/A
Price: $49.95 $99.95

1 - There are no hardcoded limits. Each edition may handle virtually unlimited number of service requests. Since Standard Edition uses flat file database to store tickets, its performance may degrade significantly (response time above 10 seconds) with databases, exceeding recommended limits. Actual performance is subject to your web server CPU speed, average load factor, physical memory available, disc access speed and other factors.

2 - Practically unlimited. RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) in use may set some limits, which usually exceed real life requirements. For example, MySQL does not support tables, which are bigger than 4GB. Thus capacity of MySQL powered HelpDesk Online may not exceed approximately 1 million tickets (assuming 5K as an average record size).

3 - Since HelpDesk Online SQL Edition database is being maintained by SQL-based RDBMS, it may be accessed by 3rd party reporting tools, such as (but not limited to) Crystal Reports.

4 - HelpDesk Online SQL Edition allows to import existing Standard Edition database and templates during installation.

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