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Version Log

3.04 released 10/24/02
Bug fixed: On some systems RegisterMe failed to detect existing .htpasswd file

3.03 released 05/31/02
Bug fixed: Incorrect URL sent when account activated via Account Manager

3.02 released 05/17/02
admin.cgi: Failure to create index.html in scripts directory does not result in fatal error any more

3.01 released 05/06/02
accview.cgi: "Failed to read config file" bug fixed

3.00 released 04/24/02
Manual account activation (optional)
Access logging with AutoBan feature (optional)
Up to 10 custom fields
"text", "select" or "checkbox" attribute for custom fields
"required" attribute for custom fields
Additional filtering conditions
HTML mass mail
New account email notices (optional)

2.05 released 01/21/02
System Setup: Additional field to set ErrorDocument on 401 (authorization failed) error

2.04 released 10/22/01
Mass Mail bug fixed

2.03 released 09/19/01
Custom subscription forms
From: field for mass mail form
Config variable Disable AuthPAM removed
Additional macros for mass mail messages
Mass Mail observes current filter settings
Version Check indicator for System Setup panel

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