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Custom Subscription Forms

Instead of using standard subscription form you can define your own one using custom templates. Template is an html page, which contains a form to submit new account data. Upon submission RegisterMe! script creates new account and (optional) passes control to external script via redirection. If RegisterMe! is unable to create new account, it will reload template preserving properly formatted fields and will display error message (e.g. missing required field, duplicate account id).

Here are the steps to create custom form.

1. Create custom form template. The template is an html page, with one or more <form> tags. Here is a sample code for a form (as per sample file included into RegisterMe! package).

<font color=red><b>*ERRORMESSAGE*</b></font><br>

<form method="POST" action="accview.cgi">
<input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="accntopen">
<input type="hidden" name="template" value="custom.html">
<input type="hidden" name="confirmurl" value="welcome.cgi">

Desired account ID: <input type=text name=accid value="*ACCID*"><br>
Password: <input type=password name=cuspasswd><br>
Re-enter password: <input type=password name=cuspasswd1><br>
First name: <input type=text name=name value="*NAME*"><br>
Last name: <input type=text name=lname value="*LNAME*"><br>
E-mail: <input type=text name=email value="*EMAIL*"><br>
Domain: <input type=text name=custom1 value="*CUSTOM1*"><br>
<input type=submit value="Create Account">

1. The very first line is a placeholder for error messages, generated by RegisterMe!. (*ERRORMESSAGE* tag will be replaced with a text of error message, if any)
2. Field "cmd" is reserved for RegisterMe!, and must be set to "accntopen", which will instruct RegisterMe! to create new account using the data supplied.
3. Field "template" is reserved for RegisterMe!, it keeps filename of the custom form template.
4. Field "confirmurl" is reserved for RegisterMe!, it keeps url of custom script to be activated after new account created. The field is optional, sample confirmation script ( included into RegisterMe! package.
5. Account info fields:

accidaccount id (login)Yes*ACCID*
namefirst nameNo*NAME*
lnamelast nameNo*LNAME*
streetstreet addressNo*STREET*
phonephone numberNo*PHONE*
faxfax numberNo*FAX*
emailemail addressNo*EMAIL*
customNN-th custom fieldNo*CUSTOMN* or *CGI_CUSTOMN* for complete cgi form input
cuspasswdcustomer passwordYes 
cuspasswd1customer password (re-entered for verification)Yes 

Please note, that via System Setup panel you can configure most of the optional fields to be required as well.
6. You can use any custom fields, their content will be passed to your custom script. But only values of text fields with names "customargX" (where X - is any decimal digit) could be restored on custom form reloads.

2. Upload the form template to your <basedir>/tmpl directory, where basedir is Base Directory set via Admin Panel (System Setup command).

3. Use the following url to activate you custom form: url-of-accview.cgi?cmd=formaccntopen&template=custom.html (we assume, that custom.html is the name of your template file).

For your convenience we included the following files in RegisterMe! package:
custom.html - sample custom subscription form template - sample custom confirmation script

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