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We accept VISA and MasterCard

Note: Demo installation is accessible by all visitors. All visitors could observe content of customer records you create with demo application. Eastwright Corp does not assume any responsibility for any abuse, which could arise from disclosure of your personal data you have provided to create demo records. Please use fictitious info instead of real names, addresses etc. Please do not enter sensitive information like Social Security Numbers, credit card data. If you need to test email based features, we would suggest to remove this info (or complete customer record) as soon as you completed testing.

Accounts Manager
login = demo
password = demo123

The link above will open in new window. Please note, that authentication scheme does not allow simultaneous work for several users sharing the same login. We suggest you to create new user for yourself (select Admin menu upon entering system, then User Management, do not forget to assign Supervisor rights).

Customer Entry

No login/password provided. You will need to create new customer account(s) using either Account Manager (acting as Supervisor or Bookkeeper) or via Account Application Form available from customer login page.

Members Area

This is a home page of Members Area - only customers with activated accounts are granted access to this area.

Custom Subscription Form

Custom subscription form demo (using sample custom.html and files shipped with RegisterMe!)

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