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Advanced Web Site Password Protection System

Download FREE Lite version of RegisterMe! package and within 15 minutes or less you will be able to
  • designate a directory on your web site as a "Members Only". Only registered (or paid) users will be able to access the directory
  • browse a list of registered users, view and edit their account details (contact info and up to 10 custom fields to keep your web site related information)
  • examine access logs for each customer (does your web site loose potential revenue because of password sharing?)
  • activate and deactivate accounts
  • create multiple subscription/order forms and more... (click here for the list of features)

The Professional version of RegisterMe! gives you additional power to
  • automate password sharing detection and prevention using AutoBan feature - customer account will be deactivated the very moment number of IP addresses logged within 24 hours exceed the maximum number you have set. Both you and the customer will receive email notification
  • broadcast email messages to all or selected group of your customers - ideal solution for your newsletters, promotion messages, account reminders etc. Plain text and HTML supported.
  • search for accounts, matching certain criteria

This is absolutely RISK FREE offer: download RegisterMe! Lite right now and activate state of the art account management solution on your web site within next 15 minutes!


  • Easy installation with all variables configured via http browser
  • Legacy .htaccess databases support
  • Single user mode for easy backup and maintenance
  • Employee access rights management (Supervisor, Bookkeeper, Operator)
  • Fully automated .htaccess and .htpasswd files management
  • User email verification (optional)
  • Manual account activation (optional)
  • Account activation via email (optional)
  • Lost password reminder via email
  • Email broadcasting (plain text and HTML)
  • Filter command
  • Custom subscription forms
  • Up to 10 custom account record fields to keep your site's specific information
  • Access logging with optional AutoBan, to prevent password sharing


  • Apache/UNIX WEB Server
  • Perl 5.003


  • FREE (Lite version) or $24.95 (Pro version)
  • Includes one year of free upgrades and e-mail support (Pro version only)
Download RegisterMe! Lite