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Campaign Analyzer - Advanced Campaign Analysis Software

Campaign Analyzer tracks efficiency of your ads, links, email broadcasts by logging every unique visitor and his/her actions such as sale, trial signup, opt-in list sign-up etc. Using comprehensive Campaign Analyzer reporting features you may learn where every hit came from and whether it resulted in a sale or sales lead. With this info at hands you will easily find out which ads are making you money and which ads are not. By reallocating your resources to fund successful campaigns and eliminating loosing ones you may boost your overall return on investment.

How Does It Work

The script assigns an ID to each unique visitor and logs "source of introduction" info. In the event of sale or lead the software logs previously assigned ID of the customer. When building reports Campaign Analyzer uses records found in log file to match sales (leads) to the source of introduction, that is to the web site or marketing campaign, through which the buyer arrived to your web site for the first time.

Activation of Campaign Analyzer is as easy as:

1 Download Free Lite version

2 Install the script on your web site (thanks to embedded Setup Wizard an installation is a breeze)

3 Add tracking code to your web pages, and start tracking your ads in a professional way. Eliminate guesswork and reveal the truth about your campaigns real efficiency.

  • Easy installation with all variables configured via http browser
  • Tracking of qualified (index.html?source=Overture) sources
  • Tracking of non qualified (by referrer url) sources
  • Identification of visitors with cookies turned off
  • Repeat sales/leads may be excluded from performance reports
  • Tracking for multiple sites
  • Tracking for unlimited number of products
  • Advanced filtering and sorting in reports
  • Exclusion of specified visitors from reports


  • UNIX or Microsoft Windows based Web Server
  • Perl 5.003


  • FREE (Lite version) or $49.95 (Pro version)
  • Includes one year of free upgrades and e-mail support (Pro version only)
Download Campaign Analyzer Lite

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