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Version Log

2.45 released 05/31/02
Support for Shipping & Handling fees

2.44 released 04/16/02
Fixed cookie expiration date error

2.43 released 09/05/01
Fixed roundup error

2.42 released 09/01/01
Bug fixed: empty cart list on checkout

2.41 released 08/29/01
Shopping cart items now have optional notes field
Please note, that 2.41 is incompatible with pre 2.58 of Accounts Online and pre 2.43 of eCommerce Gateway

2.40 released 07/24/01
Microsoft Windows NT/2000 support

2.39 released 07/17/01
Additional CGI interface input - fasdadd, overrides system wide Fast add config variable

2.38 released 07/10/01
bug fix: Fractional and negative numbers in Qty field

2.37 released 07/09/01
Fixed roundup error in tax calculation

2.36 released 07/09/01
Support for VAT and Sales Tax

2.35 released 06/28/01
Additional operating mode options (via System Setup)
Additional paramenters for CGI commands

2.34 released 06/25/01
Initial release

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